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  • To contribute to the efficient management of migration flows and the implementation, strengthening and development of a common Union approach to asylum and immigration
  • To integrate refugees at the workplace considering European employers need practical and direct support that responds to the uncertainties related to their legal, social and working status, as well as to intercultural and psycho-social issues
  • To prepare employers for integrating refugees whose legal status has been officially clarified and who have official permission to work
  • To implement concrete initiatives that aim at facilitating the access to work of migrants


  • Desk research, online survey and qualitative interviews for concrete training and support needs of key staff
  • Developing curriculum for a modular, blended learning programme for responsible persons in enterprises
  • Engaging of at least 50 SMEs in each partner country
  • Modules and course delivery in face-to-face, practice and via web-based units on the REST platform
  • Mainstreaming the REST strategy to establish key messages, future utilisation and exploitation


  • REST Transnational research report
  • REST e-Platform: learning and teaching materials and REST Community Space
  • REST Training for small and medium enterprises
  • REST Level 5 competencies validation methodology and system
  • REST Manual and Good practices


Il progetto

REST – Refugee Employment Support and Training

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Data di attuazione

01/10/2016 – 11/02/2019

Istituzione Finanziatrice

DG Home Affairs – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)



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