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Artistic and cultural tools to promote the social inclusion and civic engagement of youth.


In the last two years, the main priority of governments around the world has been to deal with the health and economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the outbreak also had a deep impact on social and community life by isolating people from each other for a long time. This unprecedented situation has even more hit those who were already more vulnerable, especially youth.

This is why the ReCAP project aims to support the active involvement and civic participation of youth, through non-formal learning activities, with a special emphasis on young people with fewer opportunities, such as girls, NEETs, people with a migrant background, minorities, youths from the LGBTIAQ+ community. With the pandemic, these people have been further marginalized from the socialization places. It is, therefore, necessary to recreate the social fabric by allowing these young people to express their feelings and challenges in the public space.

In the framework of the project, partners will conduct an in-depth analysis of the needs of disadvantaged youth to participate end be involved in their community life following the pandemic, which will give them a better understanding of the current social context of vulnerable young people. With this project, partners and stakeholders will also be able to be supported in their work to mentor, encourage and assist young people. Partners will have new practical tools and resources to provide to youth workers and young people and they will get access to a wider network of stakeholders working with vulnerable youth and using art-based teaching approaches.


  • Promote the social inclusion and civic engagement of youth (14 – 29) through the use of specific artistic and cultural tools.
  • Improve the quality of youth work by equipping youth workers with specific artistic and cultural tools.
  • Engage, connect and empower young people to express through art their social and individual traumas linked to the pandemic and their needs for inclusion and sharing.


  • Investigation of the post pandemic context from the social point of view.
  • Training of Trainers – empower youth workers to use the art and culture toolbox.
  • Local paths for youth social inclusion through art and culture in a post pandemic context.



  • 70 stakeholders involved in a local investigation and need analysis about the post – pandemic social context.
  • 20 youth workers involved to acquire skills and artistic methods to empower their youth work in addressing the social challenges that the pandemic provoked.
  • 150 youths (14-29 years old) involved in a local paths for re – building social cohesion through creativity.


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RECAP – Recovering inclusion through Creativity After Pandemic

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01/03/2022 – 01/03/2024

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EACEA – Erasmus+ – KA2 – Cooperation partnerships in youth.



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