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  • Fighting loneliness among young mothers (18-30 years of age) through art and creative thinking as tools for personal empowerment and socialization;
  • Understanding, analyzing and raising awareness on the current situation, feelings and needs of young mothers, the obstacles they face within their societies, and the gaps in existing support services;
  • Connecting young mothers to build sustainable national community platforms with the capacity to act as support networks for themselves and for other mothers in similar situations.


  • Interviews with young mothers and stakeholders (e.g. community centers, creative educators, health care professionals, etc.) to collect information and develop a research on the current situation of young mothers, their needs, and the gaps in existing support services;
  • Local workshops to raise awareness on the situation, feelings and needs of young mothers and to provide information on the project;
  • Art trainings with young mothers to test the training program and curriculum that is going to be developed within the framework of the project;
  • A shared training activity and final conference to train young mothers on the online support and training material developed within the framework of the project, present project resources and connect young mothers across countries;
  • Setting up national communities of young mothers that can provide support to other women in similar situations.



  • At least 210 people, including young mothers and relevant stakeholders, more aware of and informed on the situation of young mothers, the obstacles they face within society, and the major gaps in existing support services;
  • At least 60 young mothers benefitting from the curriculum and training program developed and resorting to art and creative thinking for their personal empowerment and socialization;
  • All project resources available and accessible to relevant stakeholders and young mothers on the Need to Connect platform;
  • Young mothers able to find mutual support, share their experiences, feel lees lonely, more self-confident and empowered through the national community platforms.


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NTC – Need to Connect

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01/11/2021 – 01/11/2023

Istituzione Finanziatrice

EACEA – Erasmus+, KA2 – Cooperation partnerships in youth



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