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  • To raise awareness of mental and emotional wellbeing;
  • To develop an understanding of how our mental and emotional wellbeing can suffer and how this may manifest itself;
  • To address and take corrective actions towards a more positive and constructive way of dealing and coping with life’s issues.


  • Liaising with local government authorities, non-profit organisations and stakeholders working in mental health sectors and others;
  • Design and creation of an online training platform/website;
  • Development of 5 training modules to be uploaded into the training platform;
  • Production of videos based on the training materials to help embed the understanding of the learning topics;
  • Research on good practices related to the 5 topics selected;
  • Construction of the content and the categories of the Board Game based on the structure of Trivial Pursuit;
  • Equality and diversity HR mapping;
  • Identification of skills and responsibilities needed to develop a successful role for a Mental Health Champion within VET institutions’ organizational structures;
  • Development of supplementary resources to complement the Mental Health Champion skills profile.


  • Training Tool-kit;
  • Video Productions;
  • Good Practice;
  • Interactive Games;
  • On-line training portal/Website design.


  • Raised awareness about possible signs of mental and emotional struggles within individuals in their daily life;
  • Improved participant’s self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness;
  • Developed skills and attitudes of young adults through online training towards a new and more positive mindset;
  • Achieved mental and emotional strength through the provision of comprehensive information;
  • Increased opportunities for young adults to access free training helping them acquire employability skills.


Il progetto

MEW – Supporting Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

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Data di attuazione

01/09/2019 – 31/08/2021

Istituzione Finanziatrice

EACEA – Erasmus+: Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult education



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