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  • To create a clear and direct upskilling pathway for vulnerable and low-skilled adult learners, to improve their accessibility to uncommon, yet very important skills;
  • To support the increase in the take-up of adult education through increasing the ability of adults with a low level of skills, knowledge and competences to successfully complete adult education courses and qualifications;
  • To improve mentoring and guidance skills in educators as a service to ensure that adult learners have relevant learning capacity throughout life with their metacognitive skills;
  • To provide resources, training and support to provide effective outreach, guidance and motivation strategies to adult learners.


  • Conducting research and analysis on best practices in metacognitive activities in order to improve adult education learning possibilities;
  • Creating effective and innovative methods and methodologies in order to assess, maintain and improve metacognitive knowledge and skills for adult learners through the creation of learning opportunities and digital education;
  • Producing high quality interactive e-Course and toolkit which will provide educational opportunities for low skilled adult learners (especially NEET) and will upskill and reskill adult educators in order to better meet leaners needs by testing the products realized with them.


  • Metacognitive Best Practice Handbook – which will gather and analyze best practices in the use of metacognitive activities to support reflective and self-directed learning in adult education learning environments, specifically amongst low-skilled and NEET adult learners;
  • Metacognitive Competence Framework – an effective method to assess, maintain, and monitor learners’ metacognitive knowledge, skills and attitudes and progress towards them;
  • Metacognitive Learner Interactive e-Course – which will provide a 30-hour course aimed at introducing, explaining and encouraging low-skilled/educated adult learners through a series of engaging, interactive modules which cover each competence of the metacognitive framework in detail;
  • Metacognitive Supporter e-Course – a 15-hour e-Course and supporting CPD resources will upskill, reskill and focus adult educators and trainers to have the skills and knowledge to be able to actively provide support and guidance to adult learners’ self-directed and reflective learning activities relating to their metacognitive skills.
  • Metacognition Change Management Toolkit – which will provide key resources to adult education organizations and their leaders to support their teachers and learners to make a sustainable transition to the integration of metacognition within their existing adult education learning environment.


  • Expected impact on vulnerable, low-skilled, NEET adult learners: improved self-awareness, heightened critical thinking skills, improved personal development and management skills, increased employability and productivity, personal empowerment and independence.
  • Expected impact on adult education staff and teachers: deeper awareness of key metacognitive competences, understanding of metacognitive regulation, knowledge and practical application of how to manage a learner through planning, monitoring, evaluation and reflection phases, increased awareness of types of metacognitive learners, understanding of the limitations and appropriateness of metacognition, increased accessibility to and awareness of a wider bank of training material and resources.


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Met-AE – Metacognitive Skills for Adult Learners

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01/01/2022 – 31/12/2023

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Erasmus+, KA220-ADU Cooperation partnerships in adult education



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