Makers Academy: Developing Future Engineer’s Skills


  • Improve the HE engineering studies while creating and developing a widely available and flexible framework of study module
  • Develop the transdisciplinary oriented study materials applicable to a wide range of engineering disciplines, in which engineers are involved in all phases of a product life cycle
  • Develop the hardware production skills of HE students while creating a prototyping study material
  • Make developed study materials publicly available via Open Educational Resources (OER) & Future Engineers E-Learning Platform
  • Test & improve created project results while training the first generation of HE students through learning, teaching, training event


  • Development a Framework of the MAKEADEMY study module and guidelines for its application
  • Development of study materials based on the Conceive —Design —Implement —Operate (CDIO) methodology
  • Creation of study materials for the development of skills on rapid prototyping based on different techniques and materials
  • Organization of the Future Engineers’ Hackathon
  • Publication and dissemination of the results of the project and of the e-learning platform


  • The Framework of a Study Module MAKEADEMY (O1)
  • Open Educational Resource for Creative Innovators (O2)
  • Open Educational Resource for Skills Development: Everything about Prototyping (O3)
  • Future Engineers’ e-Learning Platform (O4)


  • At least 50-60 HEIs will be informed about the study module MAKEADEMY
  • At least 20 HEIs will use the O1 and implement the study module in their study programmes
  • At least 2500 HE educators and students will use OER (O2&O3).
  • At least 3000 users will visit the project’s Future Engineers E-Learning platform (O4)
  • At least 1000 new contacts will be knowledgeable and committed to disseminate the
  • project’s outputs to a wider audience.
  • 20 HE students will benefit from MAKEADEMY Hackathon activities during the project’s learning/teaching/training event;
  • 10 HE educators will learn about the MAKEADEMY study module during the project’s training event.


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01/01/2022 - 31/12/2023

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EACEA, Erasmus+, KA2: Strategic Partnerships for higher education


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