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  • To facilitate the acquisition of specific personal and professional skills through a work placement abroad for in 54 Sicilian youngster, in order to facilitate their search for a job


The project is directed to 54 youngster, from 18 to 35 years old, residents in Sicily, available to enter in the job market (jobless, unemployed, diploma graduated, university graduated). Those beneficiaries will have the chance to live a period abroad (UK, Greece, Portugal, Romania, France), for 13 weeks, being engaged in a professional placement in one of the following areas:

  • Nursery and Gardening
  • Food processing
  • Processing of metals in the goldsmith’s art
  • Craft in the wood industry
  • Manufacture of textiles


The LBD Handbook is a tool to better understand how a mobility experience could help young people in developing professional and personal skills. It contains also the experiences of some of the participants.


  • Coordinator: CESIE (Italy)
  • PSE Phoenix social enterprise (United Kingdom)
  • Youth Centre of Corinthia (Greece)
  • Epralima (Portugal)
  • Young Partners (Romania)
  • DYNP Dynamique Plurielle (France)

Il progetto

LBD – Learning By Doing

Numero di progetto

Data di attuazione

15/09/2012 – 14/05/2014

Istituzione Finanziatrice

DG EAC, LLP National Agency, Leonardo da Vinci – Action Transnational Mobility (PLM)



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