• To help refugees and migrants to socialise and express themselves without necessarily speaking the host country language
  • To give EU citizens the opportunity to discover, learn from and understand the values and cultures of refugees and migrants and rediscover and enrich their own
  • To offer the possibility of collaboration with organisations in other sectors in order to stimulate a more comprehensive, rapid, effective and long-term response to this global challenge


  • Look-Up is a high profile outdoor art exhibition presenting visual art work from refugee artists on a large canvas in each city;
  • The Container Project involves creation of pop-up theatre performances and the making and screening of short new moving image productions to share refugee stories;
  • Journeys Seminars bring together artists, with refugee support groups and the wider public, to explore ideas and issues arising from the arts activity and its themes.


  • Directly engaging and involving refugees and asylum seekers in each of the locations in the creation of artistic works for presentation in the project (Container Theatre/Film)
  • Comprehensively championing the project activity to refugee and asylum seeker groups in order to involve people as audiences and as contributors to debate in the press and media and in seminar delivery. This contributes to ongoing cultural audience development in each location
  • Substantially raising the profile of the refugee experience through the presentation of artwork in accessible, highly visible and high profile locations, with work that will touch, intrigue, inspire and challenge a broad cross section of the local population
  • Showcasing and co-creation of cultural and/or audiovisual works across Europe
  • Identifying refugee artists to support and commission through the project, enabling distilled experiences to be shared through art and the effective expression of different refugee perspectives and experiences



  • Coordinator: ArtReach (United Kingdom)
  • The Hamburg Altonale (Germany)
  • Explora (Italy)
  • CESIE (Italy)

    Associated partners:

  • Trafo (Budapest)
  •  City of Rieti (Italy)

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Info & contacts

Date of the project

01/06/2016 – 31/12/2017

DG of reference

DG EAC, Executive Agency – Creative Europe CULTURE: Cross Sectoral Strand– Refugee Integration Projects




The project

Date of the project

DG of reference



Info & contacts

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NE(W)AVE- A greener, fairer and more democratic future

NE(W)AVE- A greener, fairer and more democratic future

At the NE(W)AVE’s final conference on 31st August, CESIE presented the project’s results and products, while key-speakers from renewable energy companies and other relevant stakeholders presented the unexplored potential of the green sector.

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