In&Out – Boosting disadvantaged youth and migrant integration through cultural and volunteering activities


  • To promote volunteering as an effective tool for the integration of youth with fewer opportunities and young migrants in Europe.
  • To share best practices and strengthening the networking and cooperation of Europeans and Caribbean youth workers.
  • To foster active citizenship and participation of migrant young people preventing marginalization and radicalization potentially resulting in violent behaviour.
  • To provide youth workers methodological tools to strengthen their support to this target group.


  • Open Educational Resource (OER) tool for young people and youth workers whose aim is to exchange tools, methodologies and approaches around the accompaniment of young people migrants.
  • Youth workers e-learning modules to support users’ learning on young migrant integration through volunteering and cultural activities.
  • RMA, Storytelling, dance and art workshop toolkits to support users learning on young migrants integration through the creation and experimentation.
  • In&Out Reference Guide for educators, facilitators and trainers accompanying young migrants and young people with less opportunities in their integration process.


  • Implementing international training to train professionals with theoretical and empirical contributions on the theme of migration and the accompaniment of young migrants through voluntary commitment and cultural activities.
  • Engaging young migrants and vulnerable youth through storytelling, dance and art workshops to improve the participation and integration and to fight prejudices promoting respect of human rights.


Info & contacts

Date of project

01/11/2017 – 31/10/2019

DG of reference

DG EAC, Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth


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