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  • To promote civic participation and to combat social exclusion by linking young migrants with young Europeans who have volunteered in the global south
  • To build in young participants common social, civic and intercultural competencies and skills
  • To reinforce the capacity of the organisation in involving returned volunteers in actions supporting migrants
  • To foster collaboration between sending agencies and organisations supporting migrants and stakeholders


  • 1 info day on mapping and network building involving stakeholders, organisations that work with young migrants interested in developing their capacity to support integration
  • 5 days EU training of trainers on content and methodology of “What next” manual_ training manual to support volunteers
  • Training of trainers at a national level to foster and support young people’s critical engagement
  • Training of returned volunteer and young migrants will be engaged with the content and discussions from the “What Next” manual
  • Action projects raising awareness and sensitising others to the issues, creating opportunities to upscale


  • Policymakers, implementing bodies (volunteering organisations, returnees, young migrants, local partners) involved in the mapping and network building
  • 30 key stakeholders from across the 4 countries participate in the EU training of trainers
  • 10-20 stakeholders per country are expected to participate in the national training of trainers
  • 10-17 returned volunteers and young migrants participate in the training of individuals
  • 6 action projects in Italy by returnees, young migrants and local organisations to share their experience


Il progetto

IC4LOP – International Citizens for Local Perspectives

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Data di attuazione

15/01/2019- 14/01/2021

Istituzione Finanziatrice

Erasmus+ – KA3: Support for Policy Reform – Social inclusion through Education, Training and Youth



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