Healthy Diversity


  • To improve the capacity of health professionals and institutions in meeting the needs of a culturally diverse patient group, thereby reducing the barriers to accessing services and alleviating different forms of discrimination with the health sector.
  • To develop transcultural competences of health professionals as well as the development of health institutions’ capacity to handle diversity
  • To develop methods of empowering patients with diverse needs
  • To reduce linguistic barriers and to promote intercultural awareness and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity
  • To offer innovative ICT based training tools to address cultural diversity in the health sector


  • Manual of analysed critical incidents in health
  • Medical Anthropology Reader
  • Guide to Collaborative Best Practice in health and diversity
  • Healthy diversity course curriculum for health professionals
  • Open Online Course “Healthy Diversity”


  • Mapping how diversity affects health’ professionals work by identifying critical incidents through interviews and group sessions with health professionals
  • Collecting and mapping the relevant international literature of medical anthropology as an introductory material for health professionals interested in intercultural issues
  • Selecting, adapting, transferring and disseminating good practices from diversity management and intercultural communication within the healthcare sector to healthcare institutions
  • Developing a curriculum and set of training modules for healthcare professionals
  • Teaching, training activities
  • Setting up an online free platform for health professionals to share all outputs in a user-friendly manner for the autonomous self-training of health professionals and to open all resources to relevant groups
  • Implementing a series of multiplier events and blended mobility for health professionals


  • Coordinator: Warwickshire Race Equality Partnership (United Kingdom)
  • Artemisszio Foundation (Hungary)
  • Elan Interculturel (France)
  • mhtconsult ApS (Denmark)
  • Universitaet Wien (Austria)
  • South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust (United Kingdom)

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Date of project

01/09/2015 – 31/08/2018

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