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  • Transforming potential trauma of the Covid-19 health crisis and encouraging a re-focus on positive aspects of life by mobilizing adults’ psychological resources needed to overcome difficult periods or situations and through the creation of tools to activate resilience;
  • Promoting community resilience and social cohesion and increasing the capacity of people to respond to community needs in order to enhance mental health and wellbeing of communities and individuals, while helping to reduce social inequalities in health;
  • Raising awareness among and training adult workers/educators in resilient support, based on positive psychology, neuroscience and personal development, so that they can ensure the collective well-being of their audiences and meet their needs in situations of stress and adversity.


  • Focus groups, interviews and surveys with adult workers, discriminated groups and other stakeholders to understand and analyze feelings related to the health crisis and the restrictive measures linked to it, and to present coping strategies that have been put in place;
  • Training for project staff to share their knowledge and experience on positive psychology, mindfulness and wellbeing in order to build the HaHa methodology;
  • Workshops with adult trainers and educators working with people facing discrimination to test and apply the developed practical tools for the promotion of happiness and wellbeing; 
  • “Knowledge Circles” in order for participants of the workshops to share their thoughts and promote self-reflection to visualize their habits;
  • Public events to present the project, conduct interactive exercises with the audience and raise awareness on the importance of cultivating happiness as a resilience method to overcome anxiety and stress provoked by the pandemic.



  • At least 260 people among adult workers, people facing discrimination and other stakeholders informed on the benefits of cultivating wellbeing and happiness as resilience methods and tools to promote social inclusion, and capable of using the HaHa resources for this purpose;
  • At least 60 among professionals working in the Adult Educational Field, members of Institutions, associations and organizations working with Adult Education, Professionals working in the social field, students and volunteers, local government representatives sensitized on the importance of cultivating happiness, of adding it to our habits to improve our social links, our performance at work, our self-esteem, and most importance to activate resilience;
  • New collaborations initiated to further develop or transfer the methodologies created in HaHa Project;
  • At least 400 people benefitting from the HaHa resources and resorting to them to find ideas to improve their lives, become aware of their own resources and mobilize them to cultivate wellbeing and social inclusion.


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HaHa – Happy Habits

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03/01/2022 – 03/02/2024

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EACEA, Erasmus +, Key Action 2 – Cooperation partnerships in adult education



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