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Empowering youth workers with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to support young people, in exploring and pursuing careers in the green economy.


So-called “green jobs” are opportunities for youngsters and youth workers to become agents of change, in terms of saving resources, energy use and waste, compensate carbon footprint emissions, opt for sustainable food and mobility choices, etc. However, there is today only very few European youths who are aware of the green economy and its potential for job creation. This lack of awareness is explained by deficiency and mismatch that are caused by several factors, including counsellors, youth workers and parents’ insufficient knowledge of local green economy opportunities.


  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of youth workers in supporting young people in their green career paths.
  • To increase awareness of the importance of green jobs for young people among youth workers.
  • To improve the readiness of young people to enter the workforce in green careers, leading to increased employment in the sustainable sector.
  • To strengthen the local economy by employing local talent in green jobs.


  • Compilation of good practices of real-world examples and case studies for successful green careers.
  • Development of an innovative training providing youth workers with skills and resources to guide and support young people in their exploration of green careers.
  • Development of a methodology for surveying local providers on green job needs and adapting local training to increase youth employment in green careers.
  • International Learning teaching training activities (LTTA) for youth workers in Patras, Greece.


  • Manual of good practices in the field of green economy
  • Holistic training for youth workers on the options of Green Careers
  • Green Workforce Adaptation Methodology


  • Increased level of understanding of the green economy among youth workers.
  • Improved awareness of youth workers on career opportunities in the green economy in the community.
  • Improved knowledge of innovative digital tools in guiding youth in green careers.
  • Increased collaboration between civil society organizations, youth workers, youngsters and institutional stakeholders on the thematic of green economy.

The GRECO project will impact around 500 people (youth workers, youth, stakeholders):

  • 60 youth workers involved in the piloting of the holistic training on the options of green careers.
  • 12 youth workers involved in the international Learning teaching training activities in Patras and then developing a report on the analysis of green career opportunities in their local community.
  • 400 key stakeholders reached through the project’s dissemination channels.


Il progetto

GRECO – GReen Economy Career Orienteering

Numero di progetto

2023-1-ID KA220-YOU-3BDB3E74

Data di attuazione

01/10/2023 – 30/09/2025

Istituzione Finanziatrice

Erasmus+: Key Action 2, Cooperation Partnership in the field of youth



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