GOVERN – Fostering autonomy and accountability: Development of State-of-the-Art HE Management System for efficient changes in line with Bologna principles


  • To build on the capacity of administrative staff for managing system changes efficiently
  • To revise the legal (system level) and regulatory (HEI level) frameworks in line with Bologna action lines
  • To establish the state-of-the-art university management system through overhaul of approaches to system changes: strategic, financial and human resource management
  • To introduce working approaches to student-centered educational provisions: ECTS and academic programme management to assure quality and promote student mobility


  • 8 – day International training course: 36 youth workers from all partner countries.
  • Open Educational Resource (OER) on Art therapy for Youth Inclusion
  • 5 months – European Voluntary Services mobility (EVS) for 18 young people from all partner countries.
  • Public Local Art Events with 18 young people from all partner countries.
  • International Conference on Art Therapy for Youth Inclusion in Mzuzu, Malawi.


  • International training course in Italy to develop new teaching methods, approaches, tools & new possibilities on using artistic techniques through non – formal education in promoting social inclusion among youngster with disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • European Voluntary Services (EVS) in Italy, Greece, France, Malawi, Zambia, Kenya.
  • Public Local Art Events in each partner country to present in all local communities the artistic works created by EVS volunteers.
  • “International Conference on Art Therapy for Youth Inclusion” in Malawi to present the OER and the art works created during the project’s implementation.

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Date of project

01/12/13 – 30/11/17

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