Go Green Europe – Promoting sustainable business practice

Go Green Europe – Promoting sustainable business practice

ObjectivesActivitiesResultsPartnersInfo & contacts
  • Research into good practices and identifying case studies able to illustrate successful means of ‘greening’ the labor market, with a particular focus on good practices implemented in SMEs
  • Exchanging experiences and knowledge about good practices in greening the labor market between different social partners at different levels across the European Union
  • Disseminating the findings of the research and the case studies to policy makers and other stakeholders at local, regional, national and EU levels
  • Research – identification of good practices and case studies in each partner country
  • Study visits – exchanging of experiences and knowledge about successful initiatives in each partner country
  • Support to links with policy makers and other networks and partnerships interested in the successful greening of labor markets
  • Overarching report analysing good practice from all four partner countries in the context of European environmental and economic policy en
  • Green Business Research findings – Study on businesses to identify approaches to improving low environmental impact performance en
  • Promoting sustainable business practice in Italy en
  • Coordinator: Wandsworth Borough Council (United Kingdom)
  • Associacion de Jovenes Empresarios de Zaragozza (AJE) (Spain)
  • South Denmark European Office (SDEO) (Belgium)

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Date of project: 01/04/2010 – 30/09/2011

DG of reference: DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities – PROGRESS


CESIE: silvia.ciaperoni@cesie.org




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1 April 2010

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