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GBS aims to motivate senior citizens to take up self-employment in Green Business to improve their socio-economic inclusion and well-being.


The GBS project is in line with the EU Strategy for Inclusion and Diversity (2021), which emphasizes the principles of equality and inclusion as part of the EU’s core values, as it aims to improve the availability of flexible and high-quality learning for adults. It also aims to combat climate change as it promotes the EU’s 2030 green transition goals by disseminating practices and skills to seniors and green companies.


  • to motivate Senior citizens for self-employment in the Green Business;
  • to create flexible digitally-reinforced mentoring learning pathway to develop Seniors’ knowledge and skills to start Green Business as a part of their entrepreneurial competence;
  • to ensure recognition of obtained by learners’ competences by developing digital assessment tool;
  • to enhance the capacity of adult educators to effectively facilitate the e-Studio.


Creating a series of Open Educational Resources to motivate senior citizens to take part in the green transition through the implementation of some activities:

  • Creating a presentation “Opportunities and Challenges for Senior Citizens in Green Business for a Sustainable Environment.”
  • Collection of personal stories based on storytelling;
  • Collection of stories from media resources;
  • Creation of an interactive game “My personal skills and strengths for starting a green business – how to develop them”.
  • Developing an electronic guide “Learning through the mentoring process “Growing my skills to start a green business””.
  • Develop a Digital Pedagogical Toolkit to support digital mentoring sessions;
  • Develop pedagogical implementation methodologies for educators, facilitating digital mentoring.


  • Set of OERs to motivate seniors;
  • Educational digital toolkit to support digitally-reinforced mentoring sessions with 4 SOLCs (Short Online Learning Courses) to support digitally-reinforced mentoring to develop senior learners’ competences in 4 Green Business-related topics;
  • Pedagogical implementation methodology of e-Toolkit for adult educators.


The project is expected to have a positive impact on all stakeholders in several ways. Participating staff from all partner organizations will gain knowledge of new methods, creative approaches, and procedures to work with seniors on the fields of sustainability and green businesses. It is planned to involve:

  • +200 senior students,
  • +20 trained adult educators,
  • +40 trained mentors,
  • at least 1000 people interested in the topic,
  • at least 2000 visitors on social pages and the project website,
  • at least 60 adult education organizations.

And to organize:

  • 4 national multiplier events in 4 countries with at least 80 participants in total,
  • 1 Final Conference with at least 40 participants,
  • 4 reports on sharing and promotion activities produced to ensure that planned activities have been implemented, quantitative and qualitative indicators have been met, and have been achieved.

Other organizations will benefit from an increase in training offerings in their respective countries, improved international cooperation, proposed pathways of help for social welfare, and the creation of new synergies for the implementation of new projects.


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GBS – Empowering Senior citizens’ self-employment in Green Business

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01/11/2023 – 31/10/2025

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KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education



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