From School To Community: children and students as change agents in the community


  • To promote and embrace a democratic society by strengthening democratic citizenship and human rights education via a sustainable multi-actor bottom-up approach.
  • To help students develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to participate actively in democratic life by learning and exercising their rights and responsibilities both at school and in their community.
  • To provide initiatives for students in order for them to be able to improve their environment and developed participation and democratic civic skills.


    • Literature Review on Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education, and Assessment of the training Needs of Teachers in this field.
    • Training of School Teachers on Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (mostly Social Studies Teachers) in the Ankara region of Turkey.
    • Training and active engagement of students in their communities in Turkey.
    • Dissemination of results via publications and articles and through a workshop to be held in the Ankara region of Turkey.


    • Coordinator: EURICON (Netherlands)
    • Middle East Technical University – METU (Turkey)

    Info & contacts

    Date of the project

    15/08/2013 – 15/01/2015

    Department & Unit

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