• To prevent radicalisation and to support deradicalization of individuals vulnerable to radicalizing and terrorism propaganda by providing an alternative and positive narrative.
  • To expand the knowledge on push and pull factors of terrorism and extremism contents online by showing life experiences of those who left extremist organization.
  • To promote tolerance EU and Democratic fundamental rights and values by giving the chance to young people to express themselves and imagine the future of the EU, a future they want to live in.


  • 21 short documentaries (7/country) to counteract extremism and terrorism propaganda and provide at-risk youth with alternative narratives on positive values and lifestyles.
  • “Eurotopia campaign” engaging the public in sharing positive messages supporting a constructive and forward-looking vision of living together in the EU.
  • Eurotopia Online Platform promoting the videos/short documentaries and the campaign.
  • Films’ première and call-for-action presentation at Google Center in Brussels.
  • 3 National launch events (1/country)


  • Production of 21 short documentaries featuring former members of extremist organizations, survivors, social workers, young people.  
  • Launch of an online call-to-action campaign targeting at-risk youth, young people in general and civil society, and focusing on imagining the Europe of the future.
  • Presenting the filmed material at international events such as film festivals, as well as local events.
  • Creating an online project platform to launch the videos produced by the partnership as well as to host the “Eurotopia” call-for-action campaign.


Info & contacts

Date of project

01/11/2018 – 30/04/2020

DG of reference

DG Home Affairs, Internal Security Fund Police (2014-2020) – Civil Society Engagement Programme

Department & Unit


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