EGYPT – An intercultural bridge between Europe and the Mediterranean

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  • Giving youth the opportunity to experience living and working in a different context.
  • Promotion of the concepts of peace and non-violence.
  • Promotion of cultural exchange between religions, cultures, traditions.
  • Personal growth and development of each volunteer.
  • Improvement and development of already existing projects run by CESIE.
  • Logistical and organisational support activities.
  • Development of CESIE’s network.
  • Educational activities with local community.
  • Creation of a database of news, information, contacts.
  • Developing in each volunteer an awareness of Europe and the Euro-Mediterranean area.


  • Participation in activities for community sustainable development.
  • Develop projects that promote cooperation in the EuroMediterranean area.
  • Awareness rising about the Euro-Mediterranean area.
  • Research into the possibilities and projects promoted on the territory.
  • Creation of a map of the territory with particular reference to actors linked or relevant to CESIE’s actions.



  • Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures (Egypt)
  • Biblioteca Alessandrina (Egypt)
  • Atelier of Alexandria – Group of Artists and Writers (Egypt)
  • Alexandria Workshop Center (Egypt)
  • Centre Rézodanse (Egypt)
  • SIB of Alexandria (Società Italiana di Beneficienza) o ANPIE (Associazione Italiani d’Egitto) (Egypt)
  • Alex-Med Research Centre (Egypt)
  • Italian Consulate, Alexandria (Egypt)
  • Planetarium Science Center, Bibalex (Egypt)
  • ASDAA’ For Serving The Hearing Impaired (Egypt)

Il progetto

EGYPT – An intercultural bridge between Europe and the Mediterranean

Numero di progetto

Data di attuazione

01/01/2009 – 01/01/2010

Istituzione Finanziatrice

Ministry for International Cooperation and Integration – National Agency for Civil Service



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