Demos Kratos – Democracy in EuroMed Area


  • To reflect about the concept of democracy and about its diverse conceptions (social and politics) in the entire EuroMed area.
  • To understand the situation of democracy in the EuroMed area.
  • To learn about historical roots of democracy.
  • To reflect about the best politics for youth and about their role in the democratic process.
  • To stimulate the reflection about the EuroMed issues and specifically about citizenship.
  • To foster youth participation in the process of building the future of the EuroMed region.
  • To discuss about the “best” government type and the factors that can be associated to its pertinence.
  • To stimulate intercultural dialogue.


  • Defining Key Concepts regarding to Governance.
  • Presentations of local contexts by participants.
  • Non-formal education techniques & games about forms of government.
  • Artistic workshops & artistic exhibition.
  • Creation of new projects by participants.


  • Coordinator: CESIE (Italy)
  • Association Protection De L’Enfance “El Ibtissama” (Algeria)
  • Minorities of Israel (Israel)
  • LebYouth (Lebanon)
  • Waseela for training and development (Egypt)
  • Infoeck (Austria)
  • Academic Assocation of Promotes of Law and European Education “Common Europe” (Poland)
  • Follow the Women (United Kingdom)

Info & contacts

Date of the project

01/09/2007– 31/01/2008

Department & Unit

  • Youth
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