Educational Community of Palermo – Centro Aggregativo S. Chiara

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Educational Community of Palermo – Centro Aggregativo S. Chiara

Educational Community of Palermo – Centro Aggregativo S. Chiara

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To protect and enhance the right to play, to creativity and to individual self-awareness/autonomy

  • To protect and enhance the opportunity of information and education
  • To creating aggregation and socialization areas
  • To support relationships among peers and intergenerational groups
  • To promote non-formal education and training
  • To offer opportunities for information, reflection and experimentation, expression and self-elaboration, as well as sessions for listening and assisted evaluation of contexts, situations, conflicts and issues related to psychophysical development
  • To support own life planning through competencies’ assessment and appraisal of individual skills development
  • To promote respect for living-together models and politeness
  • To educate towards acceptance of own limits and failures, promoting these as means of self improvement and growth
  • Workshops on sciences, environmental education, development of logical-mathematical and cognitive skills
  • Group activities within the partners’ network: thematic events, celebration for festivities; trips and excursions; planned participation to theatre and cinema programmes
  • Summer camps and excursions
  • Workshops on creative materials usage, recreational activities, free game areas, performances and videos projection
  • Arts open space and elaboration of critical and creative thinking, research and artistic experimentation
  • Reflection and discussion areas
  • Individual counseling activity
  • Video-making workshop, learning how to use video editing programmes.
  • Photography workshop
  • Open space for participative evening events, sports events
  • Coordinator: Associazione S. Chiara
  • Associazione Culturale Ziggurat no profit
  • Associazione Photofficine Onlus

Date of project: 09/02/2011 – 31/12/2012

Institution of reference: Municipality of Palermo, Piano Infanzia e Adolescenza del Comune di Palermo ex legge 285/97