ARISE – Active, Responsible and entrepreneurIal citizenS unitEd in Diversity

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A way to unite the voices, knowledge and experiences of teachers, educational staff, pupils and parents and cultivate a safe space by combating marginalisation and discriminatory behaviour.


Achieving greater equity in education is not only a social-justice imperative, it is also a way to use resources more efficiently, and to increase the supply of knowledge and skills that fuel economic growth and promote social cohesion. Access to education and transitions in the life course are structured by categories of social inequality such as socio-economic status and class, gender and “ethnicity”. Ensuring quality education and training for all remains a challenge for many countries, and a significant educational gap persists.


  • Develop, implement and disseminate a proactive approach in secondary schools through multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary cooperation, using project-based learning.
  • Strengthen the capacities of teachers and education professionals to address the challenges of equity, diversity and inclusion in the learning environment.
  • Promoting the inclusion and empowerment of disadvantaged learners and/or learners from third countries (refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants) and helping them to become active, responsible and enterprising citizens.
  • To build an inclusive and prosperous European society in which all students, their families and communities feel a common sense of belonging to society.
  • Preventing young people from ending up NEET (young people who are unemployed and not in education and training) improving young people’s social, civic, communication and intercultural competences, thus enhancing their confidence.
  • Better manage diversity in the classroom for the benefit of all and raise awareness to better understand European values and the principles of unity and diversity.


  • Development of a Handbook for educational staff on social, civic, intercultural and communication skills.
  • Implementing of a Pilot course on social civic communication and intercultural competences.
  • Development of a Toolkit on project management.
  • Development of a e-learning course.



  • 120-180 teachers are trained in dealing better with diversity, both cultural and linguistic, through the use of more diverse and adapted teaching and training for a more inclusive environment.
  • The social, civic, intercultural and communication skills of 120 children and young people attending intercultural schools are improved.
  • 120 children and young people are trained in project management and supported in acquiring self-awareness and confidence.
  • Youth and disadvantaged communities have increased their sense of belonging to society.


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ARISE – Active, Responsible and entrepreneurIal citizenS unitEd in Diversity

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15/01/2022 – 27/09/2024

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Call 2021 Round 1 KA2 KA220-SCH – Cooperation partnerships in school education



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