SEEDS: Innovative methods in preschool activities

Thursday 28 February 2019

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SEEDS: Innovative methods in preschool activities

28 February 2019News, School

How to help teachers in stimulating autonomy, creativity and critical thinking in children from pre-school?

On February 4-6th 2019, 26 pre-school educators coming from Denmark, Italy and Cyprus attended successfully the first teacher training of the European project SEEDS: Social Entrepreneurship Empowering Development in Preschools. SEEDS project started at the end of November to develop a common and European pedagogy for kindergartens, in response to the challenges of the digital age.

On February 2019, our European teachers met in Aarhus University to think about innovative methods in education, based on experimentation and discovery in preschool activities. Teachers must become innovators and change makers in pedagogy, using technologies and digital tools (combining virtual and tangible tools, iPad and robot products) to achieve learning goals.

In SEEDS project, teachers are considered as learners who together with their pupils develop new ideas and carry out activities. Teachers are regarded as part of the learning process, as participators more than facilitators, so that they build creativity with their pupils. The workshops in Aarhus gave the opportunity to teachers to foster on their creativity, working in team and sharing values.

During the next few months, teachers will work in “experimenting communities” within their schools in Denmark, Italy, Cyprus and Germany. The experimenting communities are working groups in which teachers making knowledge and meaning together with their pupils aged 3-6 years old.

We will focus on 4 main stages of competence: critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration.

The activities in each experimenting community will be carried out from March to June 2019 for a total of 4 working weeks.

In Aarhus, teachers experienced directly the use of robots’ products: ozobot and beebot, as innovative tools to stimulate the child’s creativity and critical thinking. Using such devices, the child can simulate real situations, create stories and characters, personalize robots and making them move to express feelings. The robot then acts as a vehicle for discovery and learning, as well as for the development of creativity and the expression of children emotions. This new method of teaching based on experience (learning by doing) and on the free expression of the child replaces the more classical method of teaching, in which the teacher gives instructions and rules.

About the project

SEEDS – Social Entrepreneurship Empowering Development in Preschools è co-funded by Erasmus+: Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership programme with the main aim to phrase recommendations for a social entrepreneurial and digital pedagogical framework for European preschools.


The partnership holds together 5 organisations:

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