INNOVAGROWOMED – Evaluation results of the sub-grants for start-up in the agri-food sector

Published by CESIE as partner of the project InnovAgroWoMed, we publish the rankings of the candidatures received.

Providing essential support for human trafficking survivors

This 30th July marks the International Day against trafficking in persons. We call the world to enhance efforts in the fight against trafficking, protect the most vulnerable and empower those affected!

BYMBE and SSaMs selected as Case Studies by the European Commission

The European Commission has selected BYMBE and SSaMs among the projects worth examining as case studies for their relevance to education and training.

ADDET – Good practices on Design Thinking in Berlin

The ADDET project partnership met in Berlin on June 23 and 24, 2022 to reflect on the different uses of Design Thinking and the needs and challenges of students.

ORIENT Curriculum: innovative methodologies to promote the participation of young people

How can orienteering foster dialogue and active participation in the community life? Read more about the ORIENT curriculum.


Human trafficking survivors need comprehensive support

Human trafficking survivors need comprehensive support

WINGS aims to stimulate local and transnational cooperation and sharing of experiences regarding language training, psychological support and personalized employment counselling to vulnerable women as well as to facilitate durable solutions for the integration of those women in the host societies and for their empowerment.