INTEGRA explores autonomy needs of un-accompanied minors and care professionals

Monday 25 February 2019

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INTEGRA explores autonomy needs of un-accompanied minors and care professionals

25 February 2019News, Rights and Justice

We have recently concluded the INTEGRA project research that allowed for a more comprehensive perspective on the needs of un-accompanied children and youth in residential care and also the needs of residential care professionals in relation to supporting young-care leavers towards the autonomy.

What are those needs? Children and young people in the care system in Palermo desire:

  • to be involved in more social activities outside the residential centres to allow external interactions with the local community supporting the integration;
  • to participate in various formal and non-formal trainings and activities that could increase their personal and professional skills and competencies and for this they need more systemic information about existing opportunities;
  • to be supported by a mentor or a person of reference who would dedicate more time to the individual needs and future projects of each child and youngster.

What about the professionals? They feel the necessity for:

  • better communication and coordination between the reception centre for minors and centre for adults, as well as different centres for minors;
  • a network connecting various actors working within care system;
  • a systematic information consolidation and search engine to support the effective transition of youth towards autonomy.

With his in mind, the INTEGRA project continues with the following activities:

  1. Implementation of the Focus Group

to connect stakeholders (professionals working with migrants, educators, schools, educational institutions, companies offering opportunities to children and youth, local authorities) and to discuss relevant activities and characteristics that they are willing to offer and believe that they should be included in the Platform 4 Collaboration.

  1. Development of the Protocol of Cooperation

to promote collaboration between various stakeholders and to establish and expand efficient cooperation to support the processes of autonomy of children and young people leaving the care system.

  1. Development and launch of the Platform 4 Collaboration

to provide a platform online where stakeholders (professionals, companies, young people) can interact and promote available opportunities (courses, training opportunities, job offers, accommodation offers, etc.) for children and young people to facilitate their transition towards autonomy.

  1. Training for the mentors and stakeholders

to improve the ability of professionals and mentors to support resilience, entrepreneurial ability and the ability to project the dreams of children and youth in care systems facilitating their integration into the community.


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About the project

INTEGRA – Multidisciplinary Mentorship program to support the entrepreneurship of children in care and young care-leavers is co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Commission.

The INTEGRA approach envisions a personalised participatory framework, where the stakeholders take the role of guiding, connecting, mediating and supporting the children in the restoration process of new reference points for their future socio-economic inclusion as a persona integra into the community.

For further information

Read more about INTEGRA.

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