The development of soft communication skills in agriculture

Monday 30 October 2023

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How to establish good communication using digital tools.

As the UNCAI states in a press release issued on Oct. 25, 2023,

“The agricultural sector is constantly evolving, especially due to the impact of digital technologies that are transforming the way production, communication, and interaction take place. In this scenario, the skills required of operators are increasingly complex and diverse, and are no longer limited to those specific to a particular profession or discipline.”

We completely agree, and with the DIGITAG project we intend to help all those working in the agribusiness sector to embrace digital transformation and apply it in their business work. In particular, we are working on producing content for a training course that can foster the development of skills related to communication, co-creation, collaboration, cooperation and networking of those working in this sector through the use of digital tools.

Organizational communication has a direct impact on business success. This is especially true today when people are no longer as physically connected as they once were. In addition, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and remote working has forced organizations to adapt to digital media, make the most of asynchronous communication, and make communication departments their most important strategic partners.

In this context then, external communication becomes the main goal of a company coinciding with positioning itself in the market in a way that is attractive to the buyer and other stakeholders. Internal communication, on the other hand, changes and can become much more complex, intervening in the relationship between manager and employees, on the alignment of team members with the company’s strategic goals, and in the facilitation and sharing of knowledge.

So, while communication skills are still essential in an increasingly digitized world, you also need to know how to transfer them to the people you work with and, at the same time, using digital platforms.

Follow us to learn more, the training program we are implementing will teach people working in agribusiness to communicate effectively on social media and other platforms to increase brand value and internal collaboration with employees and online with other colleagues and partners, as well as with customers and stakeholders.


DIGITAG is funded by Erasmus+ KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training.


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