We think victims can become active players in their societies. Here is why

26 March 2019 | Migration, News

There has been a lot of talking about integration in recent years. Part of the problem though is that not all of that talking has been transparent and clear. Amidst the chaos of media and often politicized information, did you ever find the time to sit down and think of what integration really means?

We did. And we reached the conclusion that unless a person is given the opportunity to play an active role in society, it is not possible to say they are integrated. Which usually translates into being employed and feeling you are making a difference, whether in the short or long term, based on your unique potentials and aspirations.

Even if you are different from the rest of the group, so to speak. Even if your past is one of abuse and exploitation. Even if the place you live in now was not your first choice because someone else chose for you against your will.

These are some of the premises behind a new project that CESIE will be implementing over the next 2 years together with other organizations is Greece, Austria, Bulgaria Italy, and Romania: TOLERANT – TransnationaL network for Employment integration of women victims of trafficking. You got it. We teamed up to encourage cooperation between European and international actors who can support women who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation find employment. Ultimately, TOLERANT is about helping these women find an identity in their host societies, feeling part of them and changing the course of their lives.

However, TOLERANT also wishes to help host communities appreciate how someone who used to be a victim in need of support, can become an active player in the socio-economic development of these societies.

Do you work, or are you wishing to work in the provision of services of support for women victims of trafficking and in violence prevention? If so, keep an eye on the progress of TOLERANT because over the course of the next 2 years we will develop a model for service provision specific to the individual needs of each victim and that can be adapted to different social contexts.

We just came back from our first transnational meeting in Athens to understand how to best “help you help them”. To do so, we will first develop a guide for service provision to women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation. Then, we will implement the provision of services in each partner country, training 25 women victims of trafficking focusing on their integration in the labour market and on the transfer of employability-related skills.

Your expertise and input will be pivotal in guiding us as we move forward, so if you feel like playing your part in this, do get in touch with Eileen Quinn at: eileen.quinn@cesie.org for more information.

About the project

TOLERANT – TransnationaL network for Employment integration of women victims of trafficking is being co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

For further information

Read more about TOLERANT.

Contact Eileen Quinn at: eileen.quinn@cesie.org.