StartUp2: The New Entrepreneur Nerea and her exchange in Portugal

6 March 2019Adult, News

The New Entrepreneur Nerea and her exchange in Portugal

Thanks to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme, the New Entrepreneur Nerea Serrano, willing to start her own café in Italy, went to Portugal hosted by an expert entrepreneur in Lisbon to learn how to manage a business and put the basis for her entrepreneurial idea. Here is her story.

The experience of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs has been an important advance in my career and a great change in my personal life. The possibility of collaborating with people whose entrepreneurial concerns are similar to mine has opened many opportunities as an entrepreneur. During these four months in the bookshop Ler Devagar I have been able to take charge of some key aspects for my future business: I have completely renewed the communication of the company through the creation of a new website and a new image for social networks, I have contributed with ideas as new products for both the store and the cafeteria, I have started a network of contacts with different LX Factory stores and I have reached collaboration agreements to attract new customers.

 In addition, I understood some aspects that I didn’t know before my arriving in Lisbon such as how to organize a calendar of events, how to manage the new products and how communication with publishers and suppliers is carried out

As for my experience in Lisbon, the city that has welcomed me in recent months, I want to emphasize that I have felt like a home since the beginning. Even though I had some problems with my first roommate and I had to change house, everything that has happened to me here has been positive: the people I’ve met and the city, which I still discover little by little.

My intention for the nearest future is to stay here even a few months after my Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs experience to continue expanding borders and learning everything about Portugal.

It’s possible that I can continue working for a few more months in the bookstore and continue I and my HE have done together until now in other bookstores of the same brand and improve my business idea.

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The StartUp2 project is funded by the DG GROWTH, COSME – Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

CESIE, with the project StartUp2 – Start run and grow your business, is a local contact center for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and supports both the new and the host entrepreneurs during all the stages of participation in the programme, the writing of the Business Plan, the research of the host entrepreneur and the realization of the exchange. We will be glad to accompany entrepreneurs and to support the growth of their entrepreneurial potential!

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