SeasonREADY: Effective training at the cornerstone of flourishing tourism and hotel businesses

2 May 2019Adult, News

What are the theoretical and practical foundations for effective training tailored to the specific needs of SMEs and their staff? How can we successfully improve productivity and competitiveness in the tourism and hospitality sector?

Across Europe, the limited availability and competence of seasonal workers in this industry brings to the forefront the importance of these questions and highlights the needs that employers from SMEs have in relation to finding professional trainers and quality training resources to support them in providing high-quality services, especially during the high season.

In addition, the seasonal nature of the work and lack of appropriate training programmes can negatively affect the motivation of workers, their ability to adapt and their commitment to learning and performing tasks adding significant pressure when the tourist flow increases.

Although courses in tourism and hospitality management are commonly offered by many universities, the majority of those working in this sector do not receive adequate training. In fact, only workers employed in big hotels and accommodation facilities tend to be offered well-structured and organised training. On the contrary, small and medium-sized enterprises do not have enough resources to set up effective training courses and rely heavily on the public sector to provide such courses.

With the aim of addressing the needs and meeting training requirements of seasonal staff, employers, their managers and trainers, the SeasonREADY project will offer a series of free training activities designed both to enhance the professional skills of seasonal workers and to provide employers from SMEs with the tools they need to properly implement in-house training.

On 14th May, the first training course targeting employers and trainers will take place at Confesercenti Palermo. On this occasion, participants will be introduced to the theoretical foundations of on-the-job training and the advantages that derive from it. In addition, on 23rd and 30th May at Confesercenti Palermo, there will be a second and a third event dedicated to the training of seasonal workers with the view to enhancing their customer service skills and communication techniques.

SeasonREADY: Work-based learning for seasonal hospitality workers

Training Meeting

14, 23,30 May 2019 | h. 15.00

Confesercenti Palermo

Piazza Castelnuovo, 26/a – 90141, Palermo

Sul progetto

SeasonReady – Work-based learning for seasonal hospitality workers is a two and a half year project co-financed by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union carried out by six partners:


The partnership holds together 6 organisation:

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