Inspire Us! What reasons motivate women to start their own business?

1 July 2019Adult, News

Inspire Us! Quali motivi spingono le donne a avviare la propria impresa?

An empirical research carried out in 6 different countries and involving almost 200 women entrepreneurs has shown that the strongest motivation for women who want to set up a business is the desire of following their own dreams. Also, the idea of being independent with  flexible working seems to be the starting point of a business career for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

The research carried out within Women Entrepreneurs: Inspire Us! shows that due to all the obstacles women face (compatibility of family and career, funds research, bureaucracy and know-how in law and economics, fear of not finding customers, etc), although they have the necessary competences and skills, they often need strong motivation in order to overcome fears and set up their own businesses.

With the aim of supporting would-be women entrepreneurs, in the next months the project will design and develop an attitude tool which will help women to measure their entrepreneurial motivations, and an innovative online training programme which will help women and boost their entrepreneurial competences, and above all, their motivation to fund a business.

On 4th and 5th June in Palermo, the partners from Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia, Germany, Portugal and Italy met to discuss the results of the empirical research and set the next steps of the project, with the common aim of supporting women to achieve their objectives as creative, talented, driven and skilled workers.

Considering the crucial link between internal motivation and business creation, through the learning programme, the project will empower women would-be-entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to benefit directly from up‐to‐date knowledge in this rapidly‐changing world, and to motivate them to take the risk, develop their own business ideas and then become successful “winners” entrepreneurs.

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 Women Entrepreneurs: Inspire Us! is a two year project co-funded by Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership for adult education.


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