How to innovate and improve our living environment? The answer is in community coaching!

25 February 2019Adult, News

How to promote progress in fragile European communities? How to overcome the current demographic, economic and social challenges?

The INTERFACE stems from the need to bridge the existing gap between the members (or associations) of the most willing and enterprising communities, and the achievement of results capable of improving the life of the community itself or its development.

The project aims to provide high quality learning opportunities, including coaching services for members of selected communities who face daily demographic, economic and social challenges that have persisted in recent years. The main idea is to stimulate and activate the community resources, by launching a grassroots process accompanied by coaches and trainers that allow community members to find innovative and entrepreneurial solutions for the innovative improvement of their living environment.

In the first phase of the project, fragile communities in the six partner countries Iceland, Greece, Bulgaria, Ireland and Italy have been identified. For Palermo the target communities, in which the activities will be implemented, are Ballarò, Vucciria, Kalsa, Brancaccio, Borgo Vecchio, Zisa and ZEN.

The multiplier event, held in February in Palermo at co-working MoltiVolti, located in Ballarò, focused on the introduction of the project and its activities to community members and coaches as well as a short presentation of the elaborated curriculum, which will be piloted in a training at the beginning of April. Part of the piloting will be the organisation of workshops with other community members and representatives from local authorities.

Based on the conducted “Competence Gap Analysis”, in which needs and competence gaps of the chosen communities have been identified, a curriculum has been developed in order to train community coaches regarding the actual needs of their communities, among which the development of project ideas, the identification of funding opportunities and application for grants. The results from the piloting, the training curriculum as well as all other project materials will be available at the interactive INTERFACE platform (, which also presents a huge opportunity for community coaches from different European countries to get in touch and exchange good practices, ideas and experiences.

About the project

INTERFACE is co-funded by Erasmus+  programme – KA2, Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult education –  aiming at supporting the revival of fragile communities across Europe.


The project partnership holds together 6 organisations:

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