global villageFrom December 10 to 12 was held the final meeting of the project CREINTWIN (Creative Intercultural Twinning). The main focus of the meeting was: definition of the strategy to disseminate information, ideas for new projects, the Workshop town twinning – “Global Village” (held 11 December 2010, in the Cloister of the Church of San Dominica) and the final evaluation of the project.

After a year working together the partners and participants had the opportunity to learn more about Sicilian local reality during the workshop town twinning and know each other with the goal of creating future twinning. The workshop was attended by a dozen community leaders in Sicily that with the help of CE.SIE staff and facilitators experienced different realities, problems and have found points in common with other European cities. The participants were representatives of various organizations and communities from Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, France, Greece and Bulgaria. Through a process of “living library” and the active participation of the participants, there has been an opportunity to reciprocal knowledge, intercultural dialogue and networking.

The event ended in the historic center of Palermo during the “Night of Emotions”, the event aimed at enhancing the historic center of Palermo and the promotion of intercultural and sustainable cities. The participants visited the laboratory of intercultural painting for children, “It’s paint the town …” in UBUNTU and were protagonists of the interactive installation organized in collaboration with L’Espace Choreographic Centre. In addition, participants had other initiatives, concerts, street performances and have thus celebrated the end of the project, drawing inspiration for future activities on town twinning.

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