Check out this short video about stage director Patrick Kreb’s experience in KA1 staff mobility through Erasmus+ programme. The actors in the video come from different backgrounds and are either homeless, or have serious mental health issues. Theatre provides them with a space to feel safe and a space where they can express themselves.

ERROR Festival by Patrick’s organisation Divadlo Bez Domova (Slovakia)

As every year the Festival gathers homeless and other community theater groups for an international, intercultural and artistic exchange.

CESIE at ERROR Festival 2012

At the time in 2012, during the Festival there was organised a Conference on EU funds and a workshop on cooperation of community theaters at European level, in which CESIE presented the main opportunities of EU programmes of financing of socio-cultural activities such as Youth in Action, LLP Grundtvig and Europe for Citizens.

Today in 2016, Patrick and his organisation became a best practice in valuing non-formal and informal learning in adult education.

Finally, have a look at the website of the Festival, get interested and you might be willing to join the upcoming edition 2016 – Contact the organiser for further information and get involved with Divadlo Bez Domova!

We Love ERROR!


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