CESIE’s actions in Nepal

  • Educational activities with children and adults: exchange teaching and learning methods with the local teachers | Implementation of recreational and creative activities (music, dancing, drawing and theatre) for youth and children, with a special focus on children with special needs. | Sharing European and Nepalese culture with children, youth and adult learners | Free language course offers (English, Italian, Spanish) for children, teachers and social workers.
  • Activities in the area of ​​health: advocacy and lobbying for the rights of the mentally disabled | Campaigns and workshops to raise awareness against the use of drugs by students, families and the local community for safe school environments.
  • Activities in the area of social development: promotion of awareness-raising campaigns on human rights and democracy, peacekeeping, initiatives for social inclusion for people of different gender, castes and disadvantaged groups at a regional level (projects with ‘landless communities’ in different areas of the country).
  • Project management: Support to the local centres on fund raising activities for the sustainability and the transferability of the projects in progress


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