VOICES Festival: Art, dance and theatre for celebrating human rights

3 August 2018 | Migration, News

In the first days of July VOICES festival was held in Palermo with colours, costums and art that spread a collective reflection about freedom, democracy and welcoming.

On the 6th of July, the Boderline performance of Patricia Carolin Mai and Jakob Neubauer was organised at Biblioteca Comunale Casa Professa, that explored personal and institurional limits. The reflection, so, it was focused on freedom of movement and mobility rights in a society that builds borders and walls.

On the 11th July, 200 people performed in a parade the idea of welcoming. It was an opportunity of sharing and reflection on migration issue. The parade was built on steps related to the arriving by sea, the bureaucracy in the asylum determination process, the fake refugee images that are being used to distort public opinion.

Prejudices and sterotypes had been overcome giving a vision of a multicultural society where different cultures can coexisted and mixed.

After the parade, at Complesso Monumentale di Santa Maria dello Spasimo the story performance ONE TABLE (AND FIVE CHAIRS, OR ACTUALLY SIX) of Artestudio and BEHIND THE WALL of Teatro Radu Stanca took on the stage the search of balance based on a metaphor of “table- world” and  non-verbal monologues based on thoughts, ideas, feelings, and conditions, taken out of interviews with refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, and Romania.

We want to thank all the associations and people that collaborated with CESIE for the realisation of the VOICES events::

  • Massimo Castiglia and the I circoscrizione;
  • GiocherendaDonne di Benin City, Filo da torcere and Spazio Donna Zen for creating the customs;
  • Cityangels for the parade;
  • Crispeace Tribal Band for the musical accompaniment;

Finally, we would like to thank Chamwill and Mamadou that on Spasimo stage gave voices of other young migrants expressing feelings of anger and hope, through poems, that represented a starting point of reflection for the audience.

About the project

VOICES – Voices of Solidarity is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


The project holds together 5 organisations:

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For further information, please contact Daria La Barbera – daria.labarbera@cesie.org.