Tour2Include: Successful 3-day short-term joint staff training in July 2021

Friday 23 July 2021

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Providing better training for migrants wishing to work in the tourism sector is the main objective of the Tour2Include project.

After the training programme has been developed, in July 2021 the consortium held a 3-day short-term staff training to disseminate the project’s outputs, but also to exchange their experience regarding best practices in the field of migration.

With regard to the common target group of refugees and migrant learners the main aim of this training event was to increase the knowledge and the experiences of the participants through training on intercultural education and awareness and through the exchange and sharing of good practices.

AKMI from Greece and the coordinator Social Impact, the hosts of the event, hence invited representatives from local organizations from different cities across Greece in order to provide a more comprehensive idea of migrants’ integration in this country. Furthermore, representatives from different types of organizations, namely NGOs, public administration and private organizations providers of training and other kinds of services participated in the training, in order to gain a general overview of the topic.

Apart from the guest speakers, who undeniably provided an added value to the whole training, the event also actively involved the other participants, providing them with the opportunity to share their personal experiences, thoughts and ideas through non-formal activities and discussions, some of which were implemented in smaller groups. All in all, the training event was a huge success.

Next steps

The project is coming close to its end. After the development of the training for migrants who wish to work in the tourism sector and the creation of the e-learning platform it will be openly accessible in, the last step will be the pilot of this training with a group of migrants. This will help the partnership to test its practicality and adequacy to the needs of this target groups as well as provide the opportunity to adapt the e-learning platform, if necessary.

About the project

Tour2Include – Migrants’ Integration into Tourism-Related Professions is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education.


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