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Wednesday 28 April 2021

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How to offer more tailored training materials for migrant learners wishing to work in the tourism sector? Which are the learning needs of the target group?

In its two-year process, the project Tour2Include aims to establish an innovative approach with the intention to support migrant learners who would like to work in the tourism sector to acquire the necessary professional and soft skills.

On April 15th 2021, the Tour2Include Consortium held the 3rd Transnational Partner Meeting. Due to the persistent health pandemic, the meeting had to be held online. The topics discussed included the results from the previously concluded evaluation of migrants’ training needs regarding the tourism sector as well as the latest news regarding the current activity, in which the partnership is creating all training materials aiming at fostering the inclusion of the target group into tourism-related professions. In addition, all transversal project activities were discussed and the consortium engaged in a team-building activity.

Partners are currently finalising the training materials, which will afterwards be incorporated into an e-learning platform and be available in English, German, Greek and Italian. Based on the skill evaluation, in which the areas with room for improvement have been identified, the Tour2Include training programme includes the following modules:

  1. General soft skills
  2. Intercultural soft skills
  3. Communications skills
  4. Tourism-related skills
  5. Basic digital skills

The training programme further contains a glossary, summarising all relevant concepts from the different modules as well as a section regarding the local territories of Germany, Greece and Italy providing participants with specific knowledge on characteristics, traditions and lifestyle in the different countries. All modules focus on basic theoretical concepts and are complimented with videos, further reading materials and self-reflection exercises to deepen the presented contents.

The platform will further be accompanied by a Guide for tutors, facilitating their support to migrant learners wishing to work in the tourism sector and take part in the Tour2Include training programme and will be pilot tested in September 2021 in all partner countries.

About the project

Tour2Include – Migrants’ Integration into Tourism-Related Professions is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education.


For further information

Read more about Tour2Include and see the project website.

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