During the last years many artists tell stories of refugees through mural, exhibitions, photos that describe feelings and stimulate emotions observing the works of art.

Journeys Festival International celebrates the artistic talents and incredible stories of exceptional refugee and asylum seeker artists through live music, hands-on artist-led workshops, theatre, performance, film, discussion, exhibitions and pop-up events to produce vibrant and engaging events in the cities of Leicester, Manchester and Portsmouth. Given the success of the Journeys Festival International, other countries as  Italy (Rome and Palermo), Germany and UK wants to bring other talent of local, national and international refugee artists into the public eye.

In 2017, CESIE will work to create visual arts and look-up  and film with artists and young people that want to give voice to refugees. Refugees is not a phenomenon but are men and women, stories and journeys.

The main aim of the project JOURNEYS, Refugee Journeys International, is to support the talent of young refugees and to stimulate the debate about immigration. Indeed, citizens, becoming the audience, will reflect on refugees and migrants and will share ideas and issues with artists, young people, teachers during coffee shop conversation that will be organised in Palermo.

This project will be organised within the Creative Europe programme that aims to support the European audiovisual, cultural and creative sector and to facilitate the integration of refugees into European communities  by fostering respect and understanding for diversity, democratic values and citizenship, intercultural dialogue , tolerance and respect for other cultures.

Watch highlights from Journeys Festival International in Leicester 2016 and if you want further information write to daria.labarbera@cesie.org.