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Wednesday 12 May 2021

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CESIE, within the framework of the REWIP project, invites you to participate in a free online international training course. The training is dedicated to youth workers and people working in education and training who work with immigrant people, and wish to strengthen their skills with inclusive tools and strategies.

The “Inclusive Educational Practices in Online Spaces” international training course aims to equip youth workers and people working in education and training with innovative methods and tools, and to improve their skills in relation to integration practices of young people at risk (people with a migrant background or other).

In particular, the training will focus on inclusion practices in online spaces: the Covid-19 pandemic has presented us with complex challenges to face, and professionals had to show themselves ready for the changes and uncertainty due to this situation, and they had to adapt their work to the new digital media.

The international training course will be conducted in English, and will be held online on the ZOOM platform and includes three sessions on the following dates:

  • 25th May (14.30 – 17.30)
  • 26th May (14.30 – 17.30)
  • 27th May (14.30 – 17.30)

The three sessions will be structured to devote time to reflection and discussion through the  on issues related to:

  • How the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted immigrant people in national contexts (Greece, Italy, and the Netherlands);
  • Issues related to inclusion in both online and offline spaces that all youth workers and people working in education and training could face or have faced in national contexts;
  • Presentation of useful platforms, activities and tools for online inclusion, and discussion with participants about their experiences.

Participation in the training is free, and places are limited to a maximum of 5 participants per country.

To participate in the training fill out the form by 20th May 2021!

About the project

The training course is part of the REWIP project – Refugee Empowerment and Work Integration Programme – funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme, Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices.


For further information

Read more about REWIP.

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