MATCH: Sport, anti-racism and redevelopment of urban space

1 June 2018 | Migration

MATCH proceeds its way through activities of social inclusion and interaction between migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and local youngsters.

In the last months, we worked intensively together with the Handala organization for the creation and implementation of sports activities in different areas of the historical city center of Palermo.

From April, twice a week we organized activities at the famous campo di bocce of Albergheria and at the football pitch in Piazza Magione. The meetings saw the participation of local youths along with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in sports activities aimed at social inclusion and mutual respect.

We believe that through sport we can break down many social barriers, developing respect and a reciprocal dialogue between different social actors, especially among young people.

The events and meetings of the MATCH project have intertwined and are supporting the eleventh edition of MEDITERRANEO ANTIRAZZISTA, a historic sporting, artistic and cultural event that aims to promote intercultural relations between the different components that inhabit the city, proving to question the dichotomies of centre/periphery and inclusion/exclusion.

MATCH activities will continue also in June, a month in which important moments are scheduled:

  • June 6-9: redevelopment of the campo di bocce of Albergheria (behind the San Saverio church) + Campo di Bocce Cup of MEDITERRANEO ANTIRAZZISTA.
  • 10 June (evening): inaugural party of the final event of MEDITERRANEO ANTIRAZZISTA in Piazza Mediterraneo
  • 14-17 June: final event of MEDITERRANEO ANTIRAZZISTA at the Campo Equestre della Favorita
  • 17 June: closing party of MEDITERRANEO ANTIRAZZISTA in piazza Casa Professa

During all these events, several youngsters from the partner countries of MATCH project will arrive in Palermo to support, get to know and collaborate in the realization of the activities of the cultural, sporting and artistic event of MEDITERRANEO ANTIRAZZISTA.

About the project

MATCH – Enhance social inclusion and equal opportunities is co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme, Collaborative Partnership in field of Sport and intends to foster an increased participation of refugees and local young people in sport activities and to create a constructive dialogue between different social groups.


The project partnership involves 7 organisations:

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