Ragazzi Harraga community resists showing the absolute value of sharing

6 July 2018 | Migration

Something important happened last Friday, 29 June 2018, at the Zisa Cantieri Culturali: in front of Bibliothèque sans frontiers space, young foreigners and young Italians living in Palermo, participants of the workshops within the project Ragazzi Harraga, have shown the strength of the exchange between cultures and the richness of diversity.

Through their poems, dances, letters, short performances, shared messages, they reminded all the people present that this multicultural society, in which we live, can only be strengthened if we learn to be together, with respect, listening and valorization of all.

It was a time of celebration and sharing that has crowned the conclusion of one of the inclusion paths, foreseen by the project Harraga and which formed part of the second cycle of workshops.

The three workshops organized, intercultural, dance and rights and citizenship, were launched in April 2018 and have followed the first cycle carried out and completed between October 2017 and March 2018.

The participants of the intercultural workshop have dealt with the challenges of interreligious dialogue: visiting and confronting with an Imam in a mosque and with a priest in church, has allowed them to know the different religious practices but above all to understand the common values of peace, tolerance, solidarity, love and respect.

On this common basis, according to their point of view, a peaceful coexistence among people must be built that includes respect for these religious practices and always trying to understand how to meet. The story-telling methodology allowed them to transform some of their awareness into stories of wisdom and intercultural dialogue.

The participants of the laboratory of rights and citizenship, with the same conviction and dedication, wrote and read a letter addressed to the city of Palermo and its citizens that began as follows:

“Dear Palermo, we would like to tell you that friendship, for us, is a very important thing because it can help us to learn from one another, because it does not make us feel more alone and gives us strength. Friendship helps to change the ideas of others and to open the mind. Friendship is respect, recognizing each other. If someone respects you, then you are truly free. Freedom means care, health, being well physically and mentally: there is no freedom if you do not feel safe. Being safe means not being afraid; fear of being attacked, being marginalized, means living in a place having to be quiet (…).

The participants in the dance workshop testified how we can gain greater awareness of ourselves and others through breathing and movement, how we can communicate in an exceptional way through our body.
The dance show mixed Turkish, Nigerian and Filipino dances in a harmonious movement and the participants experiment on their bodies and their senses, the strong expressive power of the dance that tunes people, which overcomes the linguistic barriers and that allows sharing emotions and feelings.

The party was also an opportunity to give each participant certificates that demonstrate the learning process and a skills portfolio that includes their transversal skills, greatly improved after this cycle of workshops.

The evening continued with a multi-ethnic aperitif offered by CESIE, at the premises of Cre.Zi. Plus and a concert by Booku ndal and Santi Yalla, young Senegalese, Gambian and Nigerians musicians.

This event has a high resistance value towards to a racist and discriminatory tendency on the part of the Italian state and the population, that tries to deny the beauty of the contact with each other and closes itself to this comparison with inhuman ways.

The paths realized and the moments of sharing like this, are, instead, a tool to reiterate the power of sharing, the possibility of a peaceful coexistence and a positive interaction between people of different origins who have chosen to share a place and invest in that place and on relationships.

The workshop paths of Ragazzi Harraga do not end here: we are ready for new moments of learning, discussion and party with the laboratories that will be activated in the coming months!

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