A community with no borders: stories of hope from Ragazzi Harraga journey

2 July 2019Migration, News

With a colourful party at the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, the 13th of June, the workshop paths of the Ragazzi Harraga project have been concluded.

After two years, 3 cycles of workshops, about 240 involved participants, countless moments of sharing, exchanges of emotions, discoveries of skills and talents, the conclusive event was once again a celebration of a community, whose identity is one of no boarders and not being afraid.

Video, Dance, Interculture, Rights and Theatre have become tools to unveil internal resources unknown to the participants themselves and to allow them, in a protected context, to experience the encounter with those who are usually defined as “other”, foreign or autochtonous, discovering that differences are always relative, and unite us much more than they divide. Together, to understand how to live together and become aware of the responsibility we all have in shaping the society we want to live in.

Discovering the beauty of our city and the courage of those associations that fight for the rights of people; visiting a church and a mosque and having the courage to ask those questions whose answers are pieces of knowledge – knowledge being the antibodies to stereotypes and generalizations; discovering the countless rhythms of the body and how these can be merged to increase our potential; using the video to have a closer look at the world and finally finding yourself staging stories and characters that basically belong to each of us, even if we had not yet recognized them as ours.

These are just some of the insights that Ragazzi Harraga has fostered.

This time too, our event included other projects that with Harraga share the same objectives of inclusion. At the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa it has been presentedt an all-female project: MedLit – Media Literacy for refugee, asylum seeking and migrant women; a group of women with a migrant background who, after attending a computer course organized by CESIE, made a great effort to raise awareness of the importance of developing digital skills in order to compete in the labour market and to achieve greater autonomy in their personal lives. Their presence has been an added value to the moments of sharing.

Through different formats, the participants of the workshops, told their experience easily and joyfully: they were the testimony of a solid path that gradually led them to develop and strengthen dialogical and expositive skills.

We hope that these resources will allow them to always make their voices heard and find the courage to speak up.

Ragazzi Harraga has almost come to an end, but our community remains and this end is already a new beginning – a relaunch. Thanks to the SAAMA project we will continue to create together, keeping the future in mind and investing in the present.

Together, we continue to transform this society, to demonstrate that there is a different and happier way than the one of division, fear, discrimination and inhumanity. We show the authentic face of a community that chooses the sharing of rights and solidarity, in the conviction that this is the only way to be well.


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