e-VELP – Brain-stimulating online learning content to boost migrants integration

Monday 17 May 2021

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The project Youth Volunteer Educators e-leaning Program (e-VELP), of which CESIE is partner, has been cited by the Muallim Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities as a successful example of brain-stimulating Online Learning content! The project, which started in April 2020, is seeing 5 partners across Europe cooperate to create 2 online educational resources aimed at transferring the skills to young migrants and refugees required to conduct workshops in their communities, and to become peer supporters in this educational process.

e-VELP has 3 priorities:

  1. Create a community of volunteer educators, that is young migrants and refugees who will be supported in becoming trainers within their communities;
  2. Ensure they get constant support by forming a group of Trainers, that is young people who will provide peer help to volunteer educators as they discover their potential and act on it;
  3. Engage directly local associations and organizations working in the fields of migrant integration, youth, and education, which will host the workshops conducted by trained volunteer educators within their premises, creating real professional synergies.

Check the article at this link.

Are you a young migrant/refugee, a youth worker, or an association working in the field of education, culture, and integration?

We are almost ready to launch our 2 online courses, and cannot wait to have you on board! Trained young people will also participate in a EU workshop together with other volunteer educators and trainers from Germany, Cyprus, Romania, Lithuania and Italy.

You will be guided through an educational path to help you see and recognise your potential, as well as to understand your strengths and how to boost your ability to conduct workshops.

For more information or to participate in e-VELP’s trainings, send an email to Eileen Quinn at this address: eileen.quinn@cesie.org.

About the project

e-VELP – Youth Volunteer Educators e-leaning Program is a project financed by the European Programme Erasmus+ Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships for youth.


For further information

Read more about e-VELP.

Contact Eileen Quinn: eileen.quinn@cesie.org.

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