e-VELP – Our courses to become Educators and Peer Trainers are ready!

Friday 19 November 2021

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A free online training to help young migrants and refugees become educators in their communities and boost their professional and networking skills? With e-VELP it is now a reality!

Yesterday we officially launched 2 Training programmes after 1 year of preparation and development: the first one is to become a Volunteer Educator (VE) and host workshops locally, and the second is for future Volunteer Educators Trainers, who will support VEs in their learning and professional path.

The first round of participants has now been selected and they all ready to kick start with their respective trainings. It’s a very multicultural group with young people from all over the Globe from The Gambia to Afghanistan and currently based in Italy, Germany, Cyprus, and Romania.

“I am excited to e-meet so many people from different countries, and learn about new cultures and perspectives. Especially at a time of prejudice, we need to know each other and get out of our comfort zones”, says one participant for the VE course based in Palermo.

Another candidate for the VE-Trainer course also in Palermo states “My hope is that I will be able to contribute and give back to the community here in Palermo, which welcomed me, by sharing my knowledge about my culture of origin and by supporting future VEs”.

The 2 trainings will run in parallel and will be entirely online, with a combination of individual course work to study, practical assignments and quizzes, and online group sessions through Forums where VEs and VE-Trainers can exchange ideas and questions.

Sound exciting? We haven’t finished. VEs who successfully pass at least 70% of their course’ quizzes will get an official accreditation from the University of Vilnius! We will also put you in touch with Host Organisations locally where you can deliver your workshops to the community, and VE-Trainers will help you define the topic of your workshop, as well as how to promote yourself as an educator.

Stay tuned, because from January 2022 our online Trainings will be released to the public and freely accessible through the project’s platform that we will launch then.

CESIE, in cooperation with Teachsurfing, GEYC, Vilnius University and CSI, has been working on e-VELP since April 2020. To read more about the project, check this link: https://cesie.org/en/migration/e-velp-online-learning-content-migrants-integration/

Do you have a question about the VE or VE-Trainer courses, or you want to take part in January 2022? Get in touch with Eileen Quinn at: eileen.quinn@cesie.org

“Everyone has something to teach if you are humble enough to learn” – Mark Driscoll.

About the project

e-VELP – Youth Volunteer Educators e-leaning Program is a project financed by the European Programme Erasmus+ Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships for youth.


For further information

Read more about e-VELP.

Contact Eileen Quinn: eileen.quinn@cesie.org.

28th November 2021: the first Day of the Mediterranean

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