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Friday 29 October 2021

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In the frame of a course on inclusive education, the DISC teacher and stakeholder training has been implemented in Italy. In specific, the modules on interculturality and active digital citizenship have been worked through with the participants, together with the presentation of the project’s two best practices, the Multisensory Space Method and the Smart self-assessment tool.

The course was held online, which allowed for a vast participation of teachers, educators and social workers all over Italy, thus not limiting participation to the local context of Palermo. On October 14th 2021, during the workshop dedicated to the contents of the DISC training, participants learned about concepts, such as identity and culture, actively discussed diversity management and the challenges it poses in their particular working contexts, exchanged experiences and knowledge and supported each other in the finding of solutions. This interactivity and room for personal discussions, directly related to their everyday reality, was the aspect perceived most positively by the group.

In a second step, active digital citizenship and the importance of digital literacy education in our schools has been discussed, also giving some practical tips and tools in order to foster such skills in the class room. In this context, teachers wished for even more time spent on the experimentation with such digital instruments.

The non-formal approach chosen by CESIE facilitators, which had been slightly criticised by some individuals at the beginning of the course, in the end was commented by the same as “Effectively fostering collaboration and exchange between professionals – something that is oftentimes dearly missing to time constraints in the school setting”.

The teacher training is openly available for everybody online. You can have a look and join the training increasing your intercultural and digital competences here.

About the project

DISC – Digital Skills for Integration and Active Citizenship is a three-year project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union under KA3: Support for policy reform, Social inclusion through education, training and youth.


The partnership holds together 5 organisations:

For further information

Read more about DISC and visit the project website https://discproject.eu/.

Contact Paula Goltzsche: paula.goltzsche@cesie.org.