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Wednesday 30 March 2022

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After more than three years of project lifetime the DISC project is coming to an end. During its lifetime the partnership has been actively fostering migrants’, locals’, teachers’ and educators’ digital and active-citizenship skills as well as implementing and disseminating two best practices, the Multisensory Space created by the project coordinator LAUREA as well as the Smart+ self-assessment tool created by incoma.

Final Transnational Partner Meeting in Ljubljana and online

The final transnational meeting was held in a hybrid format the 23rd and 24th of March 2022 in Ljubljana as well as online. Partners used it to review what has been achieved in the last three years, to discuss upscaling and exploitation opportunities for the created resources as well as to define the last steps to be undertaken. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic situation, not all partners were able to meet physically in Slovenia.

Final conference

The last partner meeting also included a final conference online, in which partners presented the whole project and its results to the public. Furthermore, participants had the chance to experiment with the online multisensory space regarding the topic “Your favourite place”. You can see what they did with it in the following padlet: https://laureauas.padlet.org/tiina_wikstrm/n12l35b21fk81cxh .

Another point of great interest in the agenda of the final conference was the intervention of Tuija Hirvikoski from LAUREA University who presented on the topic “What is active citizenship and what kind of digital skills are needed for that?” giving some inspiring examples regarding active digital leadership empowering other citizens.

The conference concluded with a couple of questions and discussions by participants, thus putting the end point to three-year long journey of fostering digital skills and active citizenship in the partner countries and beyond.

About the project

DISC – Digital Skills for Integration and Active Citizenship is a three-year project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union under KA3: Support for policy reform, Social inclusion through education, training and youth.


The partnership holds together 5 organisations:

For further information

Read more about DISC and visit the project website https://discproject.eu/.

Contact Paula Goltzsche: paula.goltzsche@cesie.org.