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Friday 29 April 2022

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The COTW International Handbook for Professionals has been created in a collaboration between Sweden, the Czech Republic and Italy. In order to obtain the results of this manual, detailed interviews were carried out with both migrants living in Palermo and professionals in all partner countries, from which a need emerged mainly from 3 different aspects: difficulties in entering the labour market, lack of digital knowledge and inability to build bridges between society and the individual.

The Citizen of the World project aims to consolidate and expand professional knowledge so that low-skilled migrants can develop and improve those basic skills and qualifications.

The aim of the handbook is to provide support and a useful tool for immigrants and professionals working with migrants. It is structured in three chapters that focus on theoretical foundations, practical examples and activities, together with a session on best practices. To this end, the handbook is based on the concrete experience of local workshops implemented in each of the partner countries. Furthermore, all sections have been tested among both professionals and immigrants so that it can be easily used in everyday working life.

The diversity of the project partnership, which includes language teachers, project managers and social workers, proved to be a fertile ground for bilateral discussion and learning. In fact, during the training held in Palermo, the partnership experienced some modules of the manual, but above all they got to know some key experts in the field of migration in Palermo. 

In this regard, the partnership was hosted by the social enterprise and co-working Moltivolti and the Legal Clinic for Human Rights, which provides free legal assistance to persons of foreign origin, to present their work in the field as well as to discuss possible ways to improve collaboration between different entities in the social network.

At the moment, the partnership is preparing the COTW e-learning platform, which will contain interactive learning content, further information on literacy and numeracy, and an online community dedicated to professionals from Sweden, Italy and the Czech Republic that will offer them the opportunity to exchange best practices. In a final phase, this platform will be tested with professionals from all three countries.

About the project

COTW – Citizen of the world is a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme, KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for adult education.


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