3 years with 3STEPs for migrants’ inclusion

Monday 5 December 2022

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3 years working with 3STEPs towards more inclusive societies where young migrants and refugees are welcomed, supported and involved.

On the 23 November 2022 final conference “Social inclusion of (low-skilled) migrants and refugees in education: join 3STEPS network” was held in Strasbourg, where we talked about strategies and methodologies to foster Education & Inclusion of disadvantages refugee and migrant learners.

3STEPs approach, as the name says, is based on 3 STEPs:

1) BASIC EDUCATION TRAINING: to improve skills on literacy, numeracy and digital skills.

It’s a best practice certified by the Austrian ministry, originally developed for low skilled people, then also implemented with migrant population to foster their integration into the national education system.

Basic Education Principles are the following:

  • Places the focus on the learner and its learning needs.
  • Is oriented towards existing competences and competences to be developed.
  • Is dialogical and reciprocal.
  • Interweaves action and reflection, and thus enables guidance and transparency in the teaching-learning process.
  • Is critical of the knowledge acquired.
  • Is oriented towards content and topics relevant to the learner.


It offers youngsters mentors to support migrant people from their own ethnic communities in order to inspire them as role models in future-oriented fields and think on alternatives to traditional trainings and jobs.


Directed to strengthen basic skills and social inclusion of young migrants and refugees.

3STEPs developed different resources:

  • Handbook for Trainers and Mentors: including recommendations on how to address migrants and refugees in an educational context, providing creative and innovative ideas for teaching.
  • Youth training curriculum: providing guidelines on how to implement a hybrid teaching model for migrant and refugees’ youth by mentors of the same cultural background.
  • 3STEPs European Network: for social inclusion of low-skilled migrants and refugees in terms of education and vocational training.
  • Policy brief (available in January 2023) including considerations for social inclusion and recommendations on 3STEPs methodology to encourage other teaching and training institutions to adapt and develop them within their countries and contexts.

The project has come to an end, but our effort to support young migrants and refugees will continue.

Join 3STEPs network and stay updated about future actions in the field!  

About the project

3STEPS – Fostering Education and Inclusion of disadvantages refugee and migrant learners is cofinanced by EACEA, Erasmus+ Programme KA3: Support for Policy Reform.


For further information

Read more about 3STEPS, visit 3steps.eu and follow us on Facebook.

Contact Ruta Grigaliunaite: ruta.grigaliunaite@cesie.org.

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