SERCo: Comparative analysis of social entrepreneurship for Roma communities

Comparative analysis

The comparative report juxtaposes data and findings from the EU countries involved in the project and best practices identified, in order to show how the potential of social economy can be exploited for promoting Roma integration.

SERCo approach intends to show the importance of developing social economy initiatives to improve the economic situation of Roma communities. In fact, Roma’s history has been featured by an adaptation to different countries and a survival attitude in different societies. For this reason, entrepreneurship seems a common behavior of Roma culture.



  • Young people;
  • Social inclusion.


Civil Society Organisations, Roma Communities, Stakeholders

About the project

Date of the project

01/12/2015 – 28/02/2018

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DG JUST – Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020)



Projects to support activities on non-discrimination and Roma integration