MENS: Research Summary

Didactical material

The current document is the second deliverable within the project Mental European Network of Sport events – “MENS”. It Includes the results of the qualitative and quantitative survey and is divided into four chapters.

The purpose of MENS Research was doubled.

First of all, it aimed to collect data on the current situation on the connection of Sport & Physical Activity and Mental Health throughout organizations and individuals across European countries, using a number of specifically designed surveys for the first stage and semi-structured interview questionnaires for the second stage.

Secondarily, it was always meant to serve as a prelude for the European Awareness Campaign which would follow immediately after. Indeed, the philosophy and spirit behind the campaign’s materials found their origins in the results of MENS Research, greatly aligned with the answers provided by all target groups which operate daily in the fields. The aim of the survey, with regard to the general population and the mental health users, was to identify the degree of exercise but also to ascertain the positive effect of physical exercise on mental health. In the case of health and sports organizations, the aim was to ascertain the understanding of the positive effect of exercise on mental health and the extent to which physical exercise was utilized as a means of improving mental health.



  • disability;
  • skills & competencies;
  • networking;
  • social inclusion;
  • disadvantaged targets & areas.


Athlets with mental disorders

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Date of project

01/01/17 – 30/06/18

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